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The Benefits of Cash Deposit for Retail

Back-office cash deposit machines - or smart safes - are not just delivering on security, they are also saving retailers time and money. Let's find out how.

Retail Cash Handling | Cash Deposit

4 minute read

Why Cash Remains Relevant

Are we really sleepwalking into a world without cash? Not if we consider how essential it still is to millions of us.

Cash Management

5 minute read

How Banks Can Offer Retailers a Contactless Cash Deposit Service

To limit the spread of COVID-19, banks need to provide services which reduce the number of touchpoints with cash and other surfaces. So how should high-street banks address cash deposit hygiene?

Bank Cash Handling

2 minute read

How Retailers Can Reduce Cash Touchpoints

Cash remains one of the world's most important methods of payment, relied upon by millions of people. But retailers can support cash payments and ensure good hygiene by reducing cash touchpoints.

Retail Cash Handling

6 minute read

The Importance of Hygienic Cash Handling in Retail

While reports of cash being a health risk are unfounded, retailers are rightly taking cash handling hygiene seriously.

Retail Cash Handling | Closed Cash Management

2 minute read

How to Combine Cash Handling and Hygiene

Hygiene in the food service and hospitality industry is of great importance. Thankfully there is a way for food handlers to accept cash and eliminate interaction with notes and coins.

Retail Cash Handling | Closed Cash Management

3 minute read

What is Closed Cash Management?

Closed cash management is a method of dealing with cash which not only addresses store security concerns, but also the efficiency of retail cash processes. So what is it exactly?

Retail Cash Handling | Closed Cash Management

2 minute read

Why Hotels Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Cash Recycling

Automated cash recycling for hotels is an excellent way of not only reducing operational costs but also improving the customer experience.

Cash Recycling

4 minute read

5 Benefits of Closed Cash Management for Petrol Stations

Handling cash exposes petrol stations to security risks as well as added costs. A closed cash management system can help address these and other challenges.

Retail Cash Handling | Closed Cash Management

4 minute read

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