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How to Prevent Robbery in Petrol Stations

The most resilient fuel retailers are the ones who are tapping into non-fuel retail opportunities and offering their customers convenience shopping. With this, however, comes an increased risk of robbery.

Retail Cash Handling | Closed Cash Management

2 minute read

7 Simple Things to Remember About Cash Handling Software

Reducing the cost of cash is a tough challenge for retailers, but it can be made so much easier with the right cash management software in place.

Cash Handling Software

2 minute read

5 Reasons Why Supermarket Self-Checkouts Work

The trend for self-service solutions has been driven by the consumer’s own demand for a smooth, effortless shopping experience which puts them in control.

Retail Cash Handling | Closed Cash Management

3 minute read

How to Integrate Cash Payments at Supermarket Self-Checkouts

Self-checkouts are a fast and efficient alternative to traditional manned tills but they don't have to exclude customers who pay by cash.

Retail Cash Handling | Closed Cash Management

2 minute read

6 Reasons Why Manual Cash Handling is Hurting Retailers

Counting and processing cash by hand is not only a security risk, but commonly leads to costly errors and is a serious drain on resources.

Retail Cash Handling

3 minute read

Latest European Payment Trends: Cash Still On Top

An ECB study on consumer behaviour shows cash is still the main payment instrument by volume and value in the euro area.

Retail Cash Handling | Cash Management

1 minute read

Protecting Access to Cash (The Governmental Approach)

There are concerns about the future of cash and what this could mean for more vulnerable sections of society. Is this a problem governments can solve?

Cash Management

3 minute read

Supporting Bank Branch Transformation with Cash Automation

Banks have to address the high cost and high level of manual labour related to cash processing. This is where cash automation plays an important role.

Bank Cash Handling

2 minute read

How Banks Can Stay Connected with Retailers [Free Guide]

Retailers struggle with keeping the costs of cash handling down but as a bank, you can help reduce those costs and remain an essential part of your retail clients' value chain.

Bank Cash Handling | Cash Deposit

1 minute read

What is Cash Recycling?

Cash recycling is a process-driven solution that positively affects the entire cash handling process and optimises cash flow.

Retail Cash Handling | Cash Recycling

2 minute read

The Benefits of Cash Deposit for Retail

Back-office cash deposit machines - or smart safes - are not just delivering on security, they are also saving retailers time and money. Let's find out how.

Retail Cash Handling | Cash Deposit

4 minute read

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